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What is HYPOXI?

realresults-lottaHYPOXI is a body transformation program that helps reduce unwanted bulges and trims the figure. It actually burns fat and targets problem areas so that you lose inches where you want to.

l lost 11 cms after only four sessions from my waist and hips. I was amazed and the best part, I have kept it off.
Sandra, 35

I dropped a dress size in a couple of weeks. I exercise regularly but couldn’t lose those extra inches. HYPOXI changed my shape and it’s so easy.
Susie, 61

The three elements that make HYPOXI such a great fat burning program are:

  • Vacuum therapy / Compression therapy
  • Fat-burning exercise.
  • Healthy eating means following a balanced diet that provides you with the adequate energy at the right time to ensure your body burns the maximum amount of fat during you HYPOXI Training.To ensure you achieve the best result, simple nutritional guidelines should be followed before and after.To maximise the amount of fat your body metabolises during and after HYPOXI, it is important that you don’t consume any food for 2 hours after your HYPOXI session an thenno carbohydrates for a further 2-4 hours otherwise you will just burn food insread of you stubborn fat.


  • Health Balanced Diet

Vacuum therapy

This is a similar to the ancient Chinese healing technique of cupping. Targeting specific areas of the body, low suction pressure is applied to stimulate blood flow, massage connective tissue and disperse fat and cellulite.

The constant change in pressure applied accelerates the circulatory flow and the transportation of fatty acids in problem body areas resulting in long-lasting circumference reduction.

Compression therapy

During this part of the program, high pressure is applied to body tissue (it feels more like a massage than pressure) while you do a light workout on one of the machines.

Where do you want to lose those extra inches? Do you have a muffin top that just won’t go away?

Fat-burning exercise

This is not strenuous exercise but it is effective. Even clients with back problems do not find the exercise component a strain.

There are different exercise machines that target different areas of the body. During your assessment, you’ll be given a program that works for you. It’s so ‘not a hard workout’, you can watch a favourite television show while you work out.

Note: if you have a pre-existing health issue, it is advisable to see your doctor first.

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