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Shape up for summer


Look your best this summer

Lose toxic body fat that is weighing you down as you build firmness and muscle fitness to look fabulous in your summer clothes.

More importantly, become more energetic so you can look and feel your best next summer.

Now is the ideal time to drop those extra centimetres from your mid drift, bottom or thighs.

It only takes 30 minutes of light exercise three times a week with Hypoxi.

Hypoxi is a slimming program that helps you to lose inches on your problem areas while it firms muscles for a slim summer body.

Whether tummy reduction, hip reduction or losing inches on your thighs, Hypoxi targets specific areas and reduces fat.

I lost 9 cm in a week. By the second week I had lost 19cm and I’m looking firmer than I did 20 years ago – and I am one dress size smaller,’ said one client who visited the Hypoxi Studio Balmain. ‘I love the sensation of the compression suit that massages my body.

The compression suit that is worn during exercise stimulates blood flow which helps detox the body and work off fat.

It’s painless and effective.

Do you live in the inner west, Balmain or Rozelle? Right now, the Hypoxi Studio Balmain has a special offer for your summer shape up – contact Lujia to find out about our special summer reduction package to get you looking your best this summer.Offer available until 31 October 2014.

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