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New baby? Get your pre-baby body back

Image of a new mum with her baby looking in good shape after Hypoxi weight reduction programLose those stubborn post-baby ‘won’t-budge’ inches from your tummy in weeks.

While pregnancy weight gain can be reduced from breastfeeding and other post-baby hormonal changes that boost metabolism, many new mums still struggle to get their pre-baby figures back.

There’s an easy way to drop those extra centimetres from your stomach and waist that works fast – and keeps the weight off.

With HYPOXI, it’s only three half-hour sessions of light exercise each week. A feature of this weight-loss program is the compression ‘wetsuit’ you wear during the exercise that works to accelerate fat loss for targeted problem areas.

Want to get into those fave jeans again that you so love (without the muffin top)? Book a free assessment and trial to see for yourself how Hypoxi works to lose that tummy within a month.

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